CTEK battery indicator (56-382)

  • Brand: Ctek
  • Product Code: CTEK akumulatora indikators (56-382)
  • Sku: 56-382
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The CTEK INDICATOR EYELET M8 is an easy to use LED indicator that lets you quickly check the state of your battery. Designed to be permanently attached to the battery, the simple LED ‘traffic light’ system will give you an immediate indication of your battery’s charge level, so you know when it needs charging. The CTEK INDICATOR EYELET M8 features CTEK’s unique CONNECT system so it can be attached securely to a CTEK charger and give you easy access to the battery.

Red: means the battery charge is below 12.4 V. It’s definitely time to charge the battery.
Yellow: means the battery charge is between 12.4 and 12.65 V. It’s time to start thinking about charging the battery.
Green: means the battery charge is more than 12.65 V. OK! No need for charging.

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